What is Asphalt?

Asphalt which is also referred to as bitumen is a thick black sticky liquid which is usually used as the binding agent in aggregate mixes. This combination is called Asphalt Concrete. It has tremendous waterproofing properties as it is a non porous substance. The tar / bitumen substance is sourced either from natural deposits (crude bitumen) or as a by product of the distillation of crude oils (refined bitumen).

Surface Preparation

When laying the material, either as a new surface or a replacement surface, an assessment of the current sub surface needs to be carried out to ensure it has the required strength and pressure resistance to support the surface. Any current surface that shows signs of cracking is usually an indicator that there is not enough sub surface strength. This may mean a new sub surface is required or another surfacing materials should be considered.

What do we do?

L&P Building Services carry out an extensive survey of the current solution to establish if this material is the best solution for the project. We can then advise on the best surface installation approach and advise on any preparation work that needs to be completed.

Why use Asphalt

  • Strength

    Using an Asphalt surface will add strength to the current sub surface and reduce compact displacement

  • Easy maintenance

    Asphalt surfaces can easily and quickly be repaired or removed meaning a little disruption to traffic (either vehicular or pedestrian).

  • Noise reduction

    asphalt road surfaces vastly reduce the noise produced by traffic (up to 50% compared to concrete road surfaces) both inside and outside of the vehicle.

  • Skid resistance

    Properties of Asphalt increase the drainage and surface texture this aids in ski resistance.

  • Water Dispersal

    Asphalt rapidly disperses surface water, helping reduce water spray and minimising the risk of aquaplaning.

  • Recyclable

    100% of the asphalt surface is recyclable, it can be milled or re-laid in combination with new materials, this helps to reduce landfill sites and preserve gravel supplies.

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