What is Tarmacadam Surfacing?

Tarmacadam Surfacing (Tarmac) is a material which combines a mixture of road stones and traditionally tar, where tar is used as the binding substance to hold the stones together and create a non porous surface. Modern methods use bitumen in place of tar.

Tarmacadam Surface Preparation

Before Tarmac surfacing can be laid, a sub surface of compacted hardcore aggregate is recommended to create a solid base for the Tarmacadam surfacing installation, once the Tarmac has been put in place it is then rolled to create a level, smooth surface which will last for years to come. It is also recommended that a suitable drainage channel  is installed to deal with the surface run off.

What do we do?

L&P Building Services have completed many successful projects using Tarmacadam surfacing, we do large and small jobs from car parks and roads to driveway edge and pot hole repairs. Tarmacacadam is an ideal surface for roads, paths and driveways.

Benefits of Tarmac

  • Easy to install

    Tarmac can be laid directly onto an existing surface, or with a low level compacted sub surface.

  • Quick and easy to lay

    Construction process of the materials takes a matter of hours, with the components being mixed together in a high temperature paving machine.

  • Cheap to maintain

    Scratches, dents and pot holes can be quickly and cheaply repaired by yourself or a professional

  • Long lasting

    Tarmac is incredibly resistant to the weight of heavy traffic and vehicles

  • Non porous

    Tarmac is a non porous surface meaning that no water will penetrate through the surface and cause sub surface damage

  • Weather Resistant

    Tarmac is extremely weather resistant and will last for years even in erratic British weather conditions

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