What is Resin bonded surfacing?

Resin bonded surfacing is created by mixing a combination of aggregates such as gravel and a resin coating, the resin coating binds the aggregate together and creates an adhesive surface to affix the surface to the current sub surface. Resin bonded surfaces are porous, meaning it is excellent at minimising surface water whilst providing a flexible surface which is resistant to cracking and potholing.

Installation preparation

Resin bonded surfacing can be installed on a wide variety of current bases and sub bases, tarmac and concrete surfaces must be level and free from damage before installation can occur, we can repair any surface damage prior to installation.


L&P Building Services install resin bonded surfacing in the commercial sector, ranging from full sub resin surfacing and resin surfacing installation on housing developments to minor repairs. Common areas where resin bonded surfacing is used are paving (footpath and cycle paths), driveways, road surfaces and car parks.

Benefits of resin bonded surfaces

  • Visually pleasing

    As there is a wide variety of aggregates which can be resin coated, there is an almost limitless potential for visual aesthetics.

  • Low maintenance

    Owing to the porous nature of the surface, maintenance can be as simple as regular brushing or a quick jet wash.

  • Anit Skid / Slip

    The textured aggregate surface provides an excellent grip / anti skid surface which is aided by the surface water displacement properties.

  • Economic

    Resin bound surfacing can be applied to range of sub surfaces (concrete, tarmac, wood, metal) it is a cost effective solution.

  • Long Life

    Depending on the installation thickness, you can expect anything from 5 – 15 years before degradation becomes and issue.

  • Fixed installation

    Once installed the surface will not slip, wash away or migrate and will remain in place throughout its lifetime.

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