School Playground Flooring

School Playground Flooring doesn’t always need to be gray / black tarmac areas, we have carried out a number of exciting projects for schools in the south of England.

We can use a combination of Mastertint Tarmac (coloured tarmac), soft wood chip, fencing, walls and soft play surfacing to create a colourful, interesting and most importantly safe school playground floor that will keep children entertained and protected.


As explained above there are a number of options that can be combined to provide the right solution for your school playground flooring needs.

Something that is becoming increasingly more popular is use of Mastertint Tarmac which allows you to use different coloured areas of tarmac for the playground floor. These can be used to create green safe zones for children to play in and red areas which can be used to educate children that these are dangerous areas where they should not enter. Whilst using soft play surfacing in areas of the playground where there are climbing frames and recreational apparatus where trips and falls are more common.


In a recent project (project images are featured in the gallery above) we carried out a complete refurbishment of a school playground. The project required a combination of Mastertint Tarmac for the green areas of the playground flooring, soft play surfacing for the yellow areas around the climbing frame / slide area to protect children in the trip and fall risk areas.

We also completed the look of the playground with a bamboo panel fencing around the playground area and finished off the visual hard landscaping with a brickwork planting area down the side of the entrance way to the school its self.

You can also see that where we have used the soft play surfacing in the yellow area, we have covered the lid on the sewage access hatch so that the look and feel of the playground is not compromised.

No project is too big or too small, if you like our work and need a quote for your next project please get in touch by calling us on 02072 062 562 (London Office), 01425 489 690 (Ringwood Office) or you can contact us using our online form