What is a Soft Play Surface?

Soft Play Surfaces are a rubber surface for parks, nurseries and school yards. There is no greater need for safe, soft and protective surfaces than in the playgrounds of our children, whether it be at our homes, school, nursery or public parks. Special soft play surfaces are designed so children are less likely to hurt themselves.

What are the options?

L&P Building Services use a soft play surfaces installation method known as wet-pour, this means the rubber material is prepared and poured into marked out containers. As the rubber is poured in, we can ensure a level surface.

The rubber can be created in any colour imaginable and can be creatively shaped to create patterns and games within the floor surface.

Our Work

We have completed more than 15 projects using soft play surfaces for schools and nurseries in the local London area.

Benefits of Soft Play Surfaces

  • Easy Maintenance

    Scratches, gouges and missing chunks can easily be laid over with new material. Adding more surface will connect seamlessly to the current base.

  • Safety

    Shock absorbant and most importantly soft, the soft rubber play surface provides superior protection for children. It can be filled to the required safety depth for all playground equipment.

  • Quick and Easy Install

    The wet-pour installation method of the rubber and resin combination, means there is minimal effort and time required to install.

  • Bright and Long Lasting

    With a wide variety of colours available for your selection, you can create a bright, safe, child friendly and long lasting protective surface.

  • Bespoke Fun and Games

    Design of the ground surface can incorporate game boards (such as chess, running tracks and anything you can imagine) and be used to aid in education).

  • Vandal Proof

    Once the wet-pour surface has set, the surface can not be lifted and removed and due to the treatment of the materials the surface is fire resistant and can not be lit.

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