At L&P Building Services, we create timber and other wood structures to meet any of our client’s needs. Whether it’s decking, trellis or a custom-built gazebo, our seasoned carpenters can do magical things that will transform your space entirely.

All of our carpentry projects are crafted to meet the client’s exact design specifications, whether we’re working on a residential or commercial property. Our team offer the perfect combination of experience, knowledge and skill – so when it comes to costing your carpentry work, sourcing the finest materials and ensuring the perfect finish, L&P is the best in the business.

From wooden seating areas to custom-made fence configurations, our carpentry service (available throughout London and surrounding areas) guarantees an exceptionally high standard of work, every time. This begins right at the roots and means we’ll take as much care choosing the raw materials and selecting only the best quality timber from sustainable sources, as we will designing and installing the finished product.

We also know that time is money especially for our commercial clients, who may have stopped trading while we carry out our work. With attention to detail and keen management skills, we ensure that all L&P projects run smoothly, safely, and on-time from conception right through to completion. We can also facilitate flexible or fixed project delivery dates, to ensure minimal disruption to you, your business or your family.

No project is too big or too small, if you like our work and need a quote for your next project please get in touch by calling us on 02072 062 562 (London Office), 01962 657 604 (Winchester Office) or you can contact us using our online form