A bigger kitchen, an extra bedroom, a light-filled conservatory… all of these things rank pretty highly on most homeowners wish lists for their properties. At L&P, our extension building services can make these dreams a reality, giving our clients the extra space in their home that they’ve always wanted.

Years of experience have taught our team what true quality is and it shows in each and every one of our extension projects. Whether we’re simply extending an existing room or building an entirely new addition to a property, our construction experts use their unrivalled skill and their knowledge of the task at hand to ensure outstanding results, every time.

Our years spent building extensions have also given us a fantastic understanding of the nature of these projects. They can cause disruption to family life, and it’s best that they’re completed in the shortest time possible, without compromising on the finished product. We strive to finish our projects on-time and on-budget – without straying from the high standard of work that has made L&P the go-to provider of extension building services in Winchester.

Building an extension, whatever its purpose, is a complex undertaking with planning and building requirements such as planning permission and utility regulations to adhere to. Our team will project management the build, guiding you through the complexities of planning demands and advising on practical considerations such as budgeting from day one.

No project is too big or too small, if you like our work and need a quote for your next project please get in touch by calling us on 02072 062 562
(London Office), 01962 657 604 (Winchester Office) or you can contact us using our online form