Loft Conversion Services

With the cost of moving house on the rise, homeowners are seeking new and innovative ways to increase the available space within their existing property. A Loft Conversion is a very cost effective way of freeing up extra space. L&P Building Services have been providing Loft Conversions to the Winchester area for the past 15 years and are experienced working with modern buildings and traditional framed constructions which require specialist knowledge and care.

In order to ascertain whether a Loft Conversion is suitable for your building, our team will need to carry out a Loft Conversion Assessment. This is where we look at various factors to check the feasibility of a Loft Conversion. We check the available height, the pitch and type of structure of the roof and check for any obstacles such as chimney stacks and water tanks.

Around the 1960’s there was a distinct shift in the process used to build roofs in new buildings. Pre-1960 houses were made using rafters and ceiling joists along with supporting timbers; these were cut and fabricated on site. This type of roof structure can be easily adapted for Loft Conversions by strengthening rafters and supports. Post 1960 houses on the other hand often use factory-made truss roof sections that are fantastic when building a house as they allow a roof to be built in a day, but requires slightly more work when converting into living accomodation. Often we will need to add steel beams between load bearing walls, which the flooring joists can hang.

Conversions of any size require specialist skills and knowledge, so why not arrange your free Assessment now and a member of our team can discuss all available options with you.

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