L&P Building Services understand and believe that a lack of safety in the workplace or home environment can lead to a significant risk to individuals, and as such we ensure that all of our members of staff are trained to the highest standards, this means when we visit project locations (whether be at home or in a commercial environment), we carry out a full Health and Safety analysis to identify any and all potential risks and we create an individual Health and Safety guide for all projects we carry out.

This guide not only secures the safety of L&P Building Service Staff but also your staff and customers who may be affected during out time working at the project site location.

We are also members of the The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Organisation, as members of the organisation we collaborate with hundreds of members worldwide to identify new and unusual risks that may present themselves, so that we can as a community identify the correct approaches to safeguard against these risks for our professionals and all those whom it may affect.

At L&P Building Services we make it our number one priority to create a culture of safety in everything we do, this then influences safe and responsible behaviour and helps to reduce any unsafe acts and minimise unsafe conditions so that all risks are identified before accidents can occur.