Landscaping Options for Large Properties

Large homes offer excellent opportunities for grand landscaping projects, as they usually come with large gardens. Such properties allow their owners to pursue even the most fantastic landscaping projects.

An Artificial Waterfall

There are few landscaping projects grander than an artificial waterfall. An artistic contractor can dig a stream bed on any slope on the property, and line it with waterproof fabric so that it can hold water. Next, they will glue smooth river rocks to the liner to create a realistic looking stream bed. By digging steps into the stream bed they can create either one big waterfall or a series of small step waterfalls. A pool at the bottom hides the pump that sends the water back to the top via a buried pipe. Finally, an elegant arrangement of rocks and plants will be placed along the stream bed to complete the illusion of a natural feature of the property. This waterfall will not only create visible beauty, but also generate a white noise that many people find soothing and relaxing.

Designs Using Stones

Rock is inexpensive to purchase in bulk, and can be turned into thousands of different designs. A picture book of Zen rock gardens will prove a rich source of inspiration. Sloping lawns can be terraced with rock retaining walls for a beautiful look that will also increase the usable yard space. A maze made out of rock footpaths and even low rock walls will beautify the property and also prove to be a delightful entertainment. These footpaths can tie together other landscaping elements, unifying the entire property in one grand design.

Tree Sculptures

Those with a truly long term view and a lot of patience might enjoy sculpting with trees. Saplings can be tied with twine so that their trunks and branches grow only in certain directions. Small areas of bark can be removed from different branches that, when tied together, will grow into one. Clever and artistic gardeners have sculpted trees into living roofed walkways, braids, chairs, tables, and even words. Such projects as these can take years to complete and should only be undertaken by experienced arborists.

Security Plants

As large homes are often targets for burglary, it makes sense to use landscaping to improve home security. Thorny bushes planted under windows will make them more difficult to break into. Keeping large plants father away from the house will eliminate many potential hiding places. Plant security can even be extended to the garden, by surrounding it with plants that deer and other pests find noxious.

In addition to these ideas, L&P Building Services offer free consultations, and can offer ideas more precisely tailored to your specific property, our landscaping creates art on a grand scale, and can greatly increase your home’s value.