Block Paving Driveway

L&P offer numerous different block paving driveway and patio services to choose from, in a variety of styles and colours.  Add a unique and stylish quality with a block paving driveway or path, enhancing its visual appearance and increasing your property in value with our block paving driveway installations.

If your looking for something modern and cutting edge or something more rustic we can offer high quality cost effective block paving driveway and patio services and solutions. We supply a variety of beautiful high quality stone options to choose from.

We offer choices of 
standard blocks, or paving sets, and have the creativity to add inlay patterns to really make your paving stand out.

As a material block paving is exceptionally durable and will last a life time, creating you a block paving driveway, patio or path that you are thrilled with which will look stunning for years to come for you to enjoy.


    With beautiful stone options you can easily create the perfect surroundings for your property


    Additional space can be created around your property for you to enjoy


    Block paving requires minimum upkeep saving you time in the future


    High quality block paving  can increase the financial value of your property


    We  can offer high quality cost effective solutions


    Block paving will last a life time for you to enjoy

If you are thinking about a Block Paving Driveway or Patio and if you like our work, give us a call to arrange a free quote for your next project.  Please get in touch by calling us on 02072 062 562 (London Office), 01425 489 690 (Ringwood Office) or you can contact us using our online form.